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Spenser Series


Spenser, whose first name has never been officially revealed, is the name of a fictional character in a series of detective novels initially by the American mystery writer Robert B. Parker and later by Ace Atkins. He also featured in the television series called Spenser, and also in several movies based on these novels.

The character made his first appearance in 1973 in a book titled “The Godwulf Manuscript” and is presently being written by Ace Atkins. Spenser is a male character that plays the part of a private detective. Susan Silverman is his significant other and they have an adopted son called Paul Giacomin who makes his first appearance in a book called “Early Autumn”.

Spenser also has relatives, including Sam Spenser who is his father and a maternal uncle called Patrick who is first revealed in a book called “Chasing the Bear”. Spenser is American and Laramie, Wyoming is where he was born. He is a private investigator who plies his trade in Boston, and he’s a tough guy who also has a smart mouth but is kindhearted.

He used to be a boxer, and he is quick to remind anyone who would care to listen that at one time he fought a former boxing heavyweight champion called Jersey Joe Walcott. To stay in good shape, Spenser lifts weights and he is a well educated chap who loves to cook. It appears that Robert B. Parker molded the Spenser character from his own life.

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