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Mrs. Jeffries series


The Mrs. Jeffries series is a mystery series written by the American author Cheryl Lanham under the pseudonym, Emily Brightwell. Author Lanham specializes in writing novels in Historical, Mystery and Romance genres and uses a different pseudonym for each of the genres. The Mrs. Jeffries series consists of a total of 33 novels published between 1993 and 2015. All of the novels are based on the Victorian murder mysteries. In recent years, the popularity of the series has greatly increased as the novels of the series have been reissued as anthologies. The latest installment of the Mrs. Jeffries series ‘Mrs. Jeffries Turns The Tide’ has made it to the New York Times Mass Market Fiction Bestseller List in the year 2013. The second last installment of series titled ‘Mrs. Jeffries Defends Her Own’ had also featured in the list in the previous year.

The central character of this cozy historical mystery series is Mrs. Jeffries, who is a housekeeper by profession and along with her staff, secretly helps Inspector Witherspoon of the Scotland Yard to solve the murder mysteries taking place in and around Victoria, England. Inspector Witherspoon is a highly successful inspector of the Scotland Yard. The people of Victoria see him as an honest officer, who takes no time in solving the mysteries and serves justice. However, they are not aware of his secret weapon, Mrs. Jeffries. Inspector Witherspoon has hired Mrs. Jeffries as a housekeeper, although She always keeps Inspector Witherspoon on his toes. Inspector Witherspoon is as unaware of the assistance of Mrs. Jeffries in solving the murder mysteries, as the other people of Victoria. She is cleverer and always alert unlike the other ladies. Her detection skills are quite sharp as she is able to detect minute details about the crime scene no matter how messy the murder is or how filthy the crime scene looks. Mrs. Jeffries is always up to the task and watches Inspector Witherspoons back.

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