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Jake Grafton Series


Jake Grafton is one of the series of that include techno-thriller books by American writer Stephen Coonts. The first novel in this series, Flight of the Intruder, was actually adapted into a movie in 1991 and it starred Willem Dafoe and Danny Glover. The series was then spun off into Tommy Carmellini series.

The Jake Grafton series by Stephen Coonts consists of a total of 10 novels. These 10 novels take Jake Grafton from being a young Navy attack pilot who used to fly the A-6s during Vietnam War (Flight of the Intruder) to being a 2-star admiral who works with CIA (Liberty). These books introduced several people all over the world to the modern America’s military and carrier aviation. Although some sections of people like to read these books in the order that they were written, they can all be read as stand-alone novels. In fact, you can just pick any novel and dive into Jake Grafton’s world. He isn’t that brilliant, has no good insight into all the problems of our life but he still has common sense and he always tries hard to do the right thing at all times irrespective of the personal consequences that might befall him. He’s literally the hero for our time.

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