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Dr. Jeremy Logan


Calling the Dr. Jeremy Logan series the Dr. Jeremy Logan series is a little erroneous, primarily because Doctor Logan is almost an afterthought in the beginning.

Lincoln Child specializes in techno-thrillers as an author. He has also dabbled in horror. And the Dr. Jeremy Logan books are definitely a blend of techno-thriller and horror. Though, even that description can be disputed.

The books take science and combine it with the paranormal. This isn’t the sort of combination that you would expect to work. But the author does a great job of blending the two.

The supernatural drives the scientific; however, the result is more science fiction than supernatural or even paranormal. Lincoln’s approach involves introducing fringe science and sprinkling the paranormal into the mix in order to push the science even further.

The paranormal never overwhelms the science. However, the science isn’t so prominent that it overwhelms the paranormal. It isn’t until the Dr. Jeremy Logan series progresses further that Lincoln begins to introduce ostensibly mystical plot elements. And that particular turn of events has been known to cause debate amongst Lincoln Child fans.

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