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Diane Fallon Forensic Investigation Series


The American writer Beverly Connor is one of the leading figures currently working within her particular industry. With a love of archaeology she’s always willing to get to the bottom of any mystery, something which has served her well throughout her career. Writing thriller and mystery novels, she has created for herself a unique and extremely engaging take on the genres. With an extensive backstory, Diane Fallon is an in-depth and interesting character, as Connor incorporates many of her own interests into the leading protagonist. A detective by trade, as well as a forensic expert, she is always able to get to the bottom of any case out there. Using her entire range of skills, such as a former anthropologist and human rights lawyer, she fully utilizes her skills to crack the case.

Whilst this follows the formula of many procedurals, with a new case each installment, it has yet to be transferred to the screen, big or small. Running for over nine books in the series so far and counting, it appears that there’s a lot of room to expand upon the concept. The series itself, though, is one of the better examples of the genre, with clear and engaging narratives and characters that resonate with the reader.

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