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Chris Bronson Series


The Chris Bronson series are a series of thriller novels by bestselling author James Becker. James Becker is the pseudonym of James Barrington who also writes as Jack Steel, Thomas, Tom Kasey, and Max Adams. The first novel in the series was “The First Apostle”, that James Becker first published in 2008 to critical acclaim and almost overnight commercial success, as it became a bestseller. With rave reviews of the first title in the Chris Bronson series, the author went on to write six more titles in the series at the rate of about one a year, in the still ongoing series. The series took a break in 2014 when the author decided to write The Lost Treasure of the Templars series, before resuming work on the series in 2017. The series of novels feature as lead protagonist Chris Bronson, a detective sergeant who works from Tunbridge Wells. The lead works with a museum curator Angela in trying to unravel a series of mysteries around the world ranging from conspiracy theories, vampires reborn, and hidden ancient treasures among others. While the Chris Bronson series have been compared to the Dan Brown novels, James Becker makes even more intriguing reads. Writing fascinating narratives of religious conspiracies and dark secrets, the novels will appeal to both mainstream and Christian readers. The lead characters Angela and Chris have their own issues, which add spice to the fast paces and engaging plot of the novels.

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